Terms & conditions of sale:


Complete Commercial Interiors Ltd : here in after referred to as CCI, submits all quotations & accepts all orders, subject to the following standard conditions which shall apply to all goods supplied or work done thereunder by CCI, its employees, agents or subcontractors to the exclusion of all other conditions and warranties whether expressed or implied. No variation of these standard conditions shall have any effect unless expressly agreed in writing by CCI.


1. Quotations: 

  • All quotations are submitted on prices ruling at the time. In the event of materials or labour fluctuating, CCI reserves the right to make adjustments accordingly both before and after the acceptance by CCI of the order
  • No provision has been made in the quotation for VAT, Import duties, District surveyor, or local authority fees or for any other charge that mat be levied under HM Government, and any quotation is subject to the payment by the customer of such taxes, duties charges and/or fees.
  • Any Quotation is made on the assumption that the customer has taken all necessary steps to ensure that the work to which the quotation and specification refers is acceptable to the appropriate authorities in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland (or those of any other Territory) and complies with their requirements & bye laws, including, inter alia, those relating to escape in case of fire, ventilation, lighting etc.  The Buyer shall also be responsible for obtaining any necessary planning permissions, building regulations or any other necessary approvals and for ensuring that the structure of the building and the floors will be suitable for the proposed works.
  • Quotations do not include for cutting & making good to the existing building structure and/or fixtures to facilitate the installation, except where such work is expressly detailed with in the quotation.
  • Quotations shall not be deemed to constitute an offer and no contract is formed until such time as CCI accepts the customers order, such acceptance to be conditional upon the customers credit worthiness being approved by CCI's credit controller.


2. Payment:

  • Invoices will be issued by CCI throughout the term of the contract on the basis of materials supplied and work completed to date, with a final invoice being issued on completion of works. Payment in respect of each invoice must be recieved by CCI with in 30 days of date of invoice.
  • All accounts accrue interest from the date of intrest at 2% above the Base Lending Rate ruling from time to time, but such intrest shall be waived by CCI on all accounts setled with in the terms of credit detailed above. In addition, in the event of default payment, CCI reserves the right to with draw any previously agreed discount or special terms.
  • In the event of a default payment, CCI also reserves the right to stop work on the contract (or any other associated works for the client) and take any action it deems necessary to recover the debt , with out prejudice to its rights under clause 2.5 below.
  • Debtors are responsible for all expense and cost incurred by CCI and/or its agents in the collection of overdue debts.
  • Title in the shall remain with CCI until such time as the customer as paid in full all that they owe to CCI. Until that time, the customer shall keep the goods for CCI in the capacity of fiduciary, although the customer shall be entitled to sell the goods to a third party with in the normal carrying on of its business on the condition that such salee shall be for CCI's account and if CCI so requires, the customer shall hand over to CCI any claims eminating from the sub sale that he has against the buyer.
  • Until full payment is recieved by CCI, CCI reserves the right to reposses any of the goods and there after resell the same and the customer shall grant such rights, including temporary right of access as may be necessary to enable CCI to do so.


3. Delivery & Installation programmes:

  • CCI shall not be held liable for any delay arising out of stirkes, lockouts, and non delivery of materials, goods not of its manufacturer, or circumstances which are beyond its control.
  • CCI will not accept any charges arising from its inability to comply with delivery or installation programmes unless the amount to be charges is stated in CCI's quotation or agreed by CCI in writing.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the unloading and placement of materials in dry storage under protection from weather or other damage and conveyance to actual erection area shall be carried out by the customer or his agent free of charge to CCI.
  • Unless the quotation shall provide otherwise, delivery will be effected to site by CCI. All goods on site, fixed or unfixed are at  the sole risk of the customer, who will be responsible for the safekeeping thereof and who will indemnify CCI in full in respect of any/all loss or damage of whatsoever nature affecting the goods.
  • Unless CCI is notified in writing within seven days of receipt of goods, claims for damage or discepancies of materials cannot be accepted.
  • If for any reason the customer cannnot accept delivery of the goods at the time specified on the quotation, CCI reserves the right to issue invoices for the goods from that time, such invoices to be paid in accordance with condition 2 above.  CCI also reserves the right to charge for temporary storage of the materials.



4. Cancellation:

  • In the event of cancellation of the order by the customer, CCI will be entitled to charge for for work and materials to date and for any other expense incurred.


5. Supply & Erect Contracts - Additional charges:

  • All quotations are based on normal working hours, unless expressly stated. Where overtime is authorised by the customer, day work sheets recording the overtime hours will be submitted to the customer for signature and the additional proportion of hours will be charged at CCI's standard rates.
  • The customer is required to supply suitable artifical lighting if necessary and a 230/240 or 110 volt AC electrical supply with a point suitable for portable electric tools. Delay caused by lack of these facilities may be charged as an extra.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the quotation, it is assumed that the floor and or ceiling on which the goods are to be installed is level. The time and/or materials taken to pack up or make alteration to the goods to accommodate any uneven floors or ceilings may be charged as extra.
  • All quotations are based on the assumption that the erection area will be cleared by the customer to enable CCI's workmen to operate without hinderance and that they will not be prevented from working continuously. In the event of CCI's workmen being required to wait or stop working for the convenience of the customer or other trades, time will be charged at our current dayworks rates.
  • Should CCI's workmen be required to leave site through circumstances beyond CCI's control, the travel time and additional fares incurred will be charged as extra.
  • CCI shall  not be liable for the cost of making good any damage however caused to the cleint's building or fittings that may have been caused by their employees, subcontractors, or agents during the execution of the work unless adequate steps have been taken by the Customer or his agent to provide protection against such damage.
  • All cut outs for pipes, conduits, trunking, beams or any other obstruction and infills to windows etc, will be subject to an extra charge unless expressly included in CCI's quotation.
  • Where alteration to the customer's premises or change in the layout from that shown in CCI's drawing involve additional goods or work, an extra charge will be made.
  • Any additional erection work carried out on site will be charged at CCI's standard daywork rates for the hours recorded on the daywork sheets.
  • Unless expressly stated with in our quotation (or in writing by other means ie electronic mail), our prices do not include for any works to any of the following (or items associated with them): Electrical bonding of products; any works to existing or new lighting affected by our installation, any electrical services or associated wiring affected by our installation, any other services affected by our installation such as plumbing and water supply; air conditioning units and associated supply; radiators & heating appliances; IT & data cables, feeds and servers; fire alarms and fire detection equipment; security alarms detectors etc.; security cameras and other monitoring equipment; acces control systems. 


6. Catalogues & Drawings:

  • All drawings prepared by CCI for both design and layout remain the property of CCI. The drawing is confidential and is the exclusive property of CCI. No unauthorised copy or disclosure of the drawing is to be made.
  • Advertising matter and price lists are only an indication of the type of goods offered. Prices contained therein shall not be deemed to be binding or a term of the contract unless expressly stated in the quotation.
  • CCI reserves the right to modify designs at any time, both before and after CCI's acceptance of the order.
  • Where necessary, layout drawings are submitted to the customer for approval prior to manufacture. These drawings show nominal dimensions relating oi the work contained in CCI's quotation. CCI accpets no responsibility in the event of these drawings being used by the customer for any other purpose.


7. Proper Law

The contract shall be governed by English Law, which shall be the proper law of the contract and any dispute arising out of any contract made between CCI and the customer shall be heard and determined by an English Court of competent jurisdication or at the option of CCI, shall be submitted to arbitration in London in accordance with and sujbect to the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1950 or any statutory modifiactions or re-enactments thereof for the time being in force. The paragraph heading herein are only aids to reference and shall not affect the construction of these conditions.



Public Liability for the following areas must be provided for by the client:

Mainframe Computer Rooms, Power Stations or Nuclear Oil, Gas or Chemical Refeineries, Railways of Airports.


  • Construction
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Health - Education
  • Retail - Leisure


  • Suspended Ceilings
  • Office Partitions
  • Drylining & Insulation
  • Joinery & Decoration
  • Complete refurbishment

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